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How It Works

We use an engine carbon clean system called HHO. The HHO system runs on just distilled water and electrolyte and uses electrolysis to create hydrogen and oxygen, this is then transferred into the engine through the air intake or a breather hose. The increase of internal oxygen proportion improve combustion, meanwhile the catalytic properties of hydrogen make it possible for combustion of carbon to be gradually broken down which clears the internal carbon build up around the engine components, removing restrictions and obstructions restoring lost efficiency and performance . As the carbon is slowly and gradually broken down on an atomic level it then passes harmlessly out through the vehicle exhaust system.


Benefits of HHO Carbon Cleaning

· Restored engine performance
· Lower emissions
· Reduce fuel cost
· Helps preserve expensive parts
· More environmentally friendly



Is an Engine Carbon Clean for you?

How effective will the engine carbon cleaning system be on your engine? This depends on how dirty the engine is. The dirtier the engine internals are, the bigger the difference the carbon clean will make. There are several factors that contribute to the dirtiness of your engine such as your driving style, mileage, fuel quality e.t.c.

If you do regular short journeys, drive in lots of stop/start traffic, your vehicle is exposed to excessive or prolonged idling, use cheaper quality fuel or your vehicle has done high mileage then your vehicle could benefit from an engine carbon clean.

An engine carbon clean is good preventative maintenance, although it is no miracle cure it helps reduce things like E.G.R issues and sticking turbo veins.

Our engine carbon cleaning service is all about removing the harmful carbon deposits that build up in your engine allowing your engine to breathe more freely and in turn recover lost performance, fuel economy and help avoid more expensive repairs.

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